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Radio Interview with Jordan Kimmel, Trust Across America

Tim’s interview with Jordan Kimmel discusses sustainability, CSR and Tim’s book, Changing Business From the Inside Out.   Find the interview on the web at the link below:  http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/64382/tim-mohin

Changing Business from the Inside Out: How to Pursue a Career in CSR and Sustainability

CSRwire Talkback Print Alerts Changing Business from the Inside Out: How to Pursue a Career in CSR and Sustainability Creating an army of professionals who can work in CSR and sustainability. A veteran CSR executive lays out the roadmap. Submitted by:Aman Singh Posted:Aug 16, 2012 – 10:18 AM EST Tags:csr, tim mohin, csr jobs, careers, sustainability jobs, career in sustainability, career […]

An Authoritative and Candid Insider’s Guide to the Essential Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Needed to Establish a Successful CSR Career

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 01 /CSRwire/ – This is the ultimate insider’s guide, from someone who has been at the front lines of corporate change-making at some of the world’s biggest companies. Whether you are starting your career or seeking to infuse your current one with meaning and purpose, whether you’re a business leader or simply hope […]

August 01 / 2012

Book excerpt on Greenbiz – 9 skills for success in corporate sustainability leadership

While numerous graduate programs are popping up that offer training in sustainable business and corporate responsibility, very few people in the corporate responsibility (CR) field have these degrees. Most people working in CR positions have education and experience in some other area and have followed their passion to get to one of these jobs. After […]

July 16 / 2012

CSR International, Book Review Digest

Changing Business from the Inside Out: a Treehugger’s Guide to Working in Corporations MAY 03 2012 posted by Uju |on Book Reviews |No comments Author: Timothy J. Mohin Publisher: Greenleaf Year: 2012                                                                                              Pages: 264 This is one of the most valuable and useful guides to working in Corporate Responsibility (CR) written to date. Tim uses his extensive experience working in organisations such as the […]