“This is the ultimate insider’s guide, from someone who has been at the front lines of corporate change-making at some of the world’s biggest companies. Whether you are starting your career or seeking to infuse your current one with meaning and purpose, whether you’re a business leader or simply hope to become one, this is the road map you’ll need to succeed.”

Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group, and author, “Strategies for the Green Economy”

“At a time when more and more people are entering the workforce with the intention of making a contribution to people and the planet, Tim Mohin has written a timely and important book. Changing Business from the Inside Out provides practical, hands-on advice gleaned from nearly 30 years of experience. As a Net Impact board member and an experienced business leader, Tim is able to seamlessly weave the critical needs of the business with the desires of today’s young people into a valuable guide for a career with impact.”

Liz Maw, Executive Director Net Impact

“Changing Business from the Inside Out is the essential how-to handbook for anyone working in, or aspiring to work in, corporate responsibility. Mohin shares insights, inspiration, and invaluable lessons learned from his 20-year career on the front lines of this evolving field. Many sustainability books tell us why business should be more sustainable; happily, this one tells us how.”

Katie Kross, Author, Profession and Purpose: A Resource Guide for MBA Careers in Sustainability

“Mohin draws upon his twenty years of experience to deliver a book that is equally inspiring and practical. Changing Business from the Inside Out: A Treehugger’s Guide to Working in Corporations comes at a time when expectations for for-profit companies to do the right thing have never been higher and is a must-read for anyone working a corporate job as change is all of our responsibility.”

Darrell Hammond
Founder and CEO, KaBOOM!
NYT Bestselling Author of KaBOOM!: How One Man Built a Movement to Save Play

“The line between a “tree hugger” and a hard-nosed, profit-seeking businessperson is getting very blurry. Tim Mohin walks right on that line. The transformation of business to sustainable operations has begun, and all companies need to learn from those few and proud executives who have been at the front lines for years. When I set out to interview experts for my book Green to Gold, Tim was one of my first stops. His new book will show you why.”

Andrew Winston, sustainability strategist, co-author Green to Gold

“A thoughtfully written roadmap for the beginner or expert corporate responsibility practitioner.”

Tod Arbogast
Vice President, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility
Avon Products, Inc

“The ability to “lead from within” is a prerequisite for success in today’s business environment. From the new employee to the C-suite, Tim Mohin has written a great guidebook for those working to drive sustainability from within their company.”

Dave Stangis
Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility
Campbell Soup Company

“Never one to shy from a challenge, Tim Mohin captures the essence of the opportunity each of us has to make a tangible, measureable, impactful difference working as part of a for-profit enterprise. With this book, here is no longer a need to repeat the learning curve many of us traced in setting the table for our successors. Find the right company. Take the initiative. Strike the balance between permission and forgiveness. Let Tim show you the way to live your values while working from inside.”

Mark Spears
Director, Sustainable Business Practices
Disney Consumer Products
Lead Corporate Director, The Sustainability Consortium Board of Directors

“Management guru Peter Drucker challenged those in business to look beyond conventional measures of success and to ask themselves: “What do you want to be remembered for?” For those in business or contemplating a career in the private sector, Tim Mohin offers a user’s guide and a constructive toolkit for successfully pursuing a path to doing good while doing well. Written by a pioneering practitioner who shares lessons from the trenches, Tim not only shares his valuable experience as an environmental champion but also supplies a detailed and disciplined approach to achieving results from within the corporation. He proves that business, when done right, can indeed be an instrument for good, and that a new generation of passionate and competent managers can change the corporate DNA in a way that achieves value for shareholders and society alike. This is a book not for dreamers but for doers — doers who want to produce quantifiable and meaningful results. Applying Tim’s lessons and techniques offers those who accept Drucker’s challenge to leave a legacy of doing good work that offers both professional fulfillment and lasting value for society.”

Ira A. Jackson is a Distinguished Scholar at MIT’s Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship. He is former Dean of the Peter Drucker and Masatoshi Ito School of Management at the Claremont Colleges and co-author (with Jane Nelson) of “Profits with Principles: Seven Strategies for Delivering Value with Values.”

“A compelling behind-the-scenes guide to being an effective internal change agent, this book is a must-read for any recent MBA graduate or business professional entering the field of Corporate Responsibility. Companies are critical market actors in our overdue transition to a sustainable global economy, and A Tree Hugger’s Guide to Working in Corporations demonstrates how you can leverage your passion and expertise to implement a strong CR program and sustainable business strategy.”

Mindy Lubber, President and CEO

“Changing Business from the Inside Out” provides a unique and much needed perspective and guide that is useful for both people looking for Corporate Responsibility (CR) career advice and more experienced managers trying to start their own CR program. Having come of age in the CR field in the same era as Tim, I have had many, many people reach out for CR career advice over the years asking questions about how I got into the CR field and what skills they will need to be successful. “Changing Business from the Inside Out” nails these questions and goes on to provide an in-depth guide for developing a CR program. I wish his book was available when I was building my program and will definitely refer people calling for career and CR field advice to this book.”

Mark Heintz, Director – Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability
Deckers Outdoor Corporation

“More than a roadmap for would-be sustainability professionals, Mohin shows any business leader – or anyone looking to influence companies – that to make a lasting impact CSR efforts must align with a firm’s core values, tactics must be vetted by key internal and external stakeholders and benefits must ring true with customers. Tim’s wit, candor and insight transform this from an operator’s manual into good read. His reputation as a collaborative and seasoned leader jumps off the pages here.”

Mark Pinsky, President & CEO, Opportunity Finance Network & Board Chairman, Net Impact

“Ever younger generations of leaders are changing the way society operates. Business and society are inextricably linked. As society changes, so must business. Changing Business from the Inside Out will guide the business leaders of today and tomorrow to work with companies in order to effect great and lasting change. If you are or aspire to become a leader of corporations I urge you to buy, read, and use this book!”

Eric Lowitt, author of The Future of Value

“Finally, a book from the practitioner who has been inside the trenches for 20+ years. A valuable resource for any sustainability professional. A valuable resource for any jobseeker seeking to get into the sustainability profession. Tim has been in the trenches long enough to fill a book with stories. Tim uncovers the challenges that a chief sustainability officer faces.”

Ellen Weinreb, CEO
WEINREB group sustainability recruiting

“There are many ways to be a force for corporate responsibility and sustainability, but none more powerful than when from within companies that matter. Tim Mohin’s bold new book takes us with him into the belly of the beast and as he aligns progressive values with business interests in ways that improve the world. Mohin’s message is that it can be done—and he shows us how.”

Bennett Freeman, Senior Vice President for Sustainability Research and Policy, Calvert Investments

“A hands-on guide for anyone looking to align their work with their values. This is how you grow and differentiate your career, deliver impact at work, and create positive change the world.”

Jo Mackness, Executive Director, Center for Responsible Business,
University of California Berkeley-Haas School of Business

“So many business books are written from the outside looking in. As an executive at Intel, Apple and AMD, Tim Mohin has seen corporate America from the inside–and he has done a masterful job of turning his experience into a readable, insightful and valuable guide for anyone who wants to use the power of business to change the world for the better. Bravo!”

Marc Gunther, contributing editor at FORTUNE and senior writer at GreenBiz.com

“This book serves not only as a stimulating guide for those entering the field of CSR, but should be read by Corporate Leaders. As corporations continue to have a larger impact on society, it is an excellent tutorial for decision makers. Managing the triple bottom line is not that difficult and should be embraced rather than ignored.”

Bill Sheppard
Former Vice President and Director of Corporate Services
Intel Corporation

“Long before Corporate Social Responsibility was in vogue, Tim Mohin was using his experiences and influence within companies to achieve the greater good. In Changing Business from the Inside Out, he shares his philosophical and practical advice with individuals and companies alike to help you leave your own positive mark on the world.”

Allyson Peerman
Corporate Vice President, Public Affairs

“Tim Mohin uses his personal career experiences as “teaching moments” to illustrate so powerfully the many “lessons learned” throughout the book. This book brings new insights and provides exceptional value for both those seeking a career in corporate responsibility, and for established CR practitioners. Changing Business form the Inside Out offers practical, proven methods for building support, dealing with resistance, adapting to change and manifesting strong leadership skills that are so essential for success.”

Clifford Bast, Managing Director for Bast SUSTAINGROUP LLC. Former Global Leader of Hewlett-Packard’s Environmental/Product Stewardship/Sustainability program

“Anyone who has met the Mohin family or worked with Tim would expect that this is the kind of book that Tim Mohin would write. In Changing Business from the Inside Out, Tim shows how to run a business with the same values that you aspire to see in your own family and that communities expect of the corporations that provide employment and economic value. This book is about building and supporting successful businesses that make a lasting and positive impression to the world around them and that recognize that business must value more than the single bottom line.”

Susan MacCormac, Chair of Business Department and Cleantech Group, Morrison & Foerster 2011 California Lawyer of the Year and
Andy Taylor, Senior Consultant, Energy & Environmental Economics

“Tim really delivers on the promise of the book, namely a practical guide to making a positive social or environmental impact while working inside a company. He has expertly identified many of the key strategies for success in that kind of role as well as the potential missteps that can be taken. The bonus is that Tim delivers all of this information in a thoroughly engaging manner that conveys his passion for the subject.”

Bruce S. Klafter Managing Director & Head, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Worldwide Operations Applied Materials Corporation

“More than a roadmap for would-be sustainability professionals, Mohin shows any business leader – or anyone looking to influence companies – that to make a lasting impact CSR efforts must align with a firm’s core values, tactics must be vetted by key internal and external stakeholders and benefits must ring true with customers. Tim’s wit, candor and insight transform this from an operator’s manual into good read. His reputation as a collaborative and seasoned leader jumps off the pages here.”

Mark Newton Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility
The Timberland Company

“Tim’s work focuses squarely on the much-needed sustainability unlock: showing each and every one of us how we can embed it in our everyday lives, leverage the power of ourselves, and the organizations for which we work, to change the world. Perfect and powerful.”

Dr. Kellie A. McElhaney
Alexander Faculty Fellow in Corporate Responsibility
Center for Responsible Business
Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley

“After spending years writing and researching about careers in corporate social responsibility and sustainability, I’ve come to realize that anyone with passion, ethical judgment and an understanding of her environment can be a CSR professional. In fact, there shouldn’t be one CSR executive in every company but dozens.

However, becoming a CSR practitioner takes a certain level of understanding. That’s where Tim’s book fills in the gap for aspiring professionals and jobseekers who want to use their careers to make a difference. There are few executives like Tim who understand the reality of working within corporate corridors knowing that the going will be tough yet continue to persevere because they know it’s the right thing to do. There is much to be learned from this book for its emphasis on critical thinking and practical sense. It should be a compulsory handbook for graduating college seniors who must understand the consequences of their future actions.”

Aman Singh, CSR Journalist & Editorial Director, CSRwire

“Tim Mohin’s career has shown how business activity can create great outcomes for the world, as well as for companies. Now he has provided an essential roadmap for anyone who wants to shape a career that shapes the world. “A Treehugger’s Guide to Working in Corporations” shows how to make real change happen – and should be essential reading for anyone who wants to build a meaningful career.”

Aron Cramer, CEO, Business for Social Responsibility

“An inspiring, insightful and insiders under-the-cover view of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Tim Mohin shares a wealth of practical tips and approaches grounded in over 20 years of front line experience in some of the most demanding of corporate settings. A must read book for those looking to embark on a career in this arena, or reference guide for existing practitioners. Tim’s book not only articulates the compelling business case for companies to excel in this area, but lays out thoughtful guidance on a framework of how-to actions and key considerations to weigh for long term success”

Alex Heard
Vice President Environmental Health and Safety
First Solar