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Marc Gunther’s Blog

When I went to college, people with a strong social conscience went into politics or government, joined the Peace Corps, taught school, or became public-interest lawyers or doctors– in other words, they did just about anything but go into the business world. That’s no longer true, thank goodness. Today’s students understand that business can be […]

July 30 / 2012
Author Tim Mohin
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A Corporate Responsibility Mentor in Your Back Pocket

If you’ve ever tried convincing your colleagues to “do the right thing” only to find blank and dubious stares looking back at you, you’ll want to read Changing Business From the Inside Out: A Treehugger’s Guide to Working in Corporations. Written by Net Impact board member Tim Mohin, the book is an ultra-practical how-to guide for any aspiring corporate […]

July 16 / 2012

Book excerpt on Greenbiz – 9 skills for success in corporate sustainability leadership

While numerous graduate programs are popping up that offer training in sustainable business and corporate responsibility, very few people in the corporate responsibility (CR) field have these degrees. Most people working in CR positions have education and experience in some other area and have followed their passion to get to one of these jobs. After […]

July 16 / 2012