Changing Business from the Inside Out: a Treehugger’s Guide to Working in Corporations

MAY 03 2012

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Changing Business from the Inside Out

Author: Timothy J. Mohin

Publisher: Greenleaf

Year: 2012                                                                                             

Pages: 264

This is one of the most valuable and useful guides to working in Corporate Responsibility (CR) written to date. Tim uses his extensive experience working in organisations such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Intel, Apple, and currently AMD to provide practical tools and advice to not only those seeking to enter the sector but also to seasoned CR professionals and business leaders.

The guide is well organised and methodically covers all of the crucial areas that CR personnel need to consider when developing and implementing successful environmental, social and governance initiatives. It begins by closely analyzing the required skills, competencies and personality traits that are essential for an individual interested in working in the sector.

After that, it transitions to provide an overview of key CR areas such as environment, suppliers, communications, stakeholders, employees, diversity and governance. It does not pretend to provide an in-depth look at all of the issues but rather a hands-on guide with real-life examples and easy step by step tips on how to start developing successful CR strategies and impactful programs.

The fact that this book is written by an insider, someone who has implemented these types of activities in some of the world’s leading corporations, sets it apart from many of the other books that speak to case studies and theories. This guide is a recommended must-read as it inspires the reader to action with its invaluable insights and lessons learned.

 Jennifer Roynon